We provide floor testing to determine how much traction your hard floors offer. We provide COF/DCOF testing services at your location. Let us help you improve your liability exposure by providing through our evaluation and testing. Please reach out to schedule an appointment: 801-477-0574

  • Do you need your flooring tested to determine traction levels? We offer both in-house and field slip-resistance testing services for COF/DCOF rating.
  • Our knowledgeable and experienced Walkway Auditors can help test your flooring surfaces and help determine how to increase traction.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Many of our employees and providers throughout the country are Walkway Auditor Certificate Holders (WACH) certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).


  • SCOF Audit – $200/area
  • DCOF Audit – $250/area


Contact us at sales@utahfloorsafety.com with any questions or to receive a quote.

Auditing For Law Firms

  • Check your local google listing and see how many law firms spend money advertising to represent victims in slip & fall accidents. As a floor safety auditor with the BOT-3000E you are the only person that can provide clear solid evidence of negligence in a court of law

Auditing For Insurance

  • Insurance companies are always dealing with slip & fall claims. Slips, trips, and falls are the #1 cause for injury in the work place. As a floor safety auditor with the BOT-3000E you are the specialist that can provide Insurances companies with a detailed report to determine liability.